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The Unique Artwork Of Open Water Swimming

When swimmers cross the channels of the Ocean Seven or any channels, seas, or lakes around the world (see Andy Donaldson above in northern Japan), the documentation of these crossings by some of the observers and escort pilots who witness and chart their swims are beautiful.

An example of the hand-drawn artwork of the course taken by swimmers who cross the Tsugaru Channel between Honshu and Hokkaido in northern Japan by Captain Mizushima is below. This drawing shows the course taken by Darren Miller across the Tsugaru Channel starting in Kodomari on Honshu and finishing near Shirakami Misaki on Hokkaido. He started at 4:11 am on and finished after 8 pm.

In addition to the marine charts drawn by Captain Mizushima, his colleagues on land create certificates of completion with calligraphy using Japanese characters.

Jorge Crivilles Villanueva from Alicante, Spain completed the Tsugaru Channel en route to his  Oceans Seven achievement and shows off his certificate of completion below:

The Japanese marine charts and calligraphy reminds us of the meticulously hand-drawn marine charts by veteran observer Don Van Cleve that show the line that the Catalina Channel swimmers take between Santa Catalina Island and Palos Verdes Peninsula on the Southern California mailand.

The handicraft of pilots and observers like Mizushima and Van Cleve are greatly appreciated memorabilia that are long cherished by the swimmers like Stève Stievenart and John Muenzer.

The escort boat crew and pilots sign Van Cleve’s detailed work-of-passions.

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