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The Clock Is Ticking, Things Looking Up

Courtesy of John Eunice, Long Pond, Lake Park, Georgia.

The Clock Is Ticking 7 Mile Swim (TCT7) was held on September 9th.

The TCT7 is a non-profit event is centering around 17-year-old James Eunice, a young man who impacted the community in ways that continue even to this day. The event is designed for participants to be challenged in both the water as an athlete and in life as a friend, family member, and neighbor.

John Eunice explains, “Our mission is to provide a sporting event that inspires people to live wholesome lives, reach their potential and keep James’s legacy alive through supporting the James Eunice Charity Foundation.

To provide a nationally recognized sporting event that attracts swimmers from across the local area, state and country to partake in endurance competitions, food, hospitality, and fun; and more importantly, to inspire them through the example of James Eunice to live lives of utmost meaning and purpose. The swim event will offer a unique opportunity to provide a venue where they gather to enjoy each other, food, and athleticism, all to honor James’ legacy of a lifestyle that puts God first, others second, and self last.”

7 mile Swim Results:
1. Gayla Chalmers 4:16:33

3.5 mile Swim Results:
1. Dane Griffin 1:24:39
2. Coleman Yates 1:28:13
3. Russell White 1:31:18
4. Anabelle Melendez 1:32:46
5. Patrick Stanley 1:39:00
6. Addy Czarnecki 1:41:07
7. Doug Toal 1:42:37
8. John Williams 1:49:32
9. Mark Greeley 1:53:04
10. Tim Czarnecki 2:06:14
11. Maureen Gunsolus 2:13:58
12. Harold Beyer 2:27:49
13. Thompson Brock 2:42:39

1 mile Swim Results:
1. Daniel Zenobia 20:15.9
2. Thomas Pritchard 21:51.4
3. Mia Nilsen 25:28.3
4. Emma Howard 26:47.9
5. Deb Pritchard 27:19.1
6. Tom Carroll 27:22.5
7. Keagan Kung-Korte 27:51.1
8. Colin Prinsloo 28:21.2
9. Logan Christensen 28:55.4
10. Ben Pritchard 29:38.8
11. Dan Hobby 29:59.2
12. Fowler Perry 30:37.0
13. Franklin Heath 30:42.8
14. Emma Drawdy 30:51.9

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