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The Chinese Welcome The Aquatic World To Shanghai

As the aquatic world (open water swimming, pool swimming, diving, water polo and synchronized swimming) head to Shanghai for the 2011 FINA World Swimming Championships, the Chinese are continuing to impress the aquatic community with their hospitality.

Dr. Jim Miller, who has visited dozens of countries in his capacity as a physician to numerous national teams, explains his experience, “Whisked is the operative word. I have never cleared an airport of any size that fast. The Chinese even arranged for my bags to be the first ones off of the conveyor and a special security line without a wait.”

We can’t wait for the 5K, 5K Team Trial, 10K and 25K open water events happening next week in the filtered sea water of Jinshan Beach on the coast of Shanghai.

Dr. Miller commented on the effect of salt water on some athletes. “Some athletes do take water into their mouths when swimming. The constant exposure of the oral membranes to salt water can worsen dehydration and problems associated with it. Additionally, as marathon swimmers know well, intake of salt water can upset their stomach and make them feel nauseous.”

Photo of Dr. Miller courtesy of Skip Storch at the Global Open Water Swimming Conference in New York City.

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