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Swimming By Squares

Courtesy of TEDand what3words.

I always like to watch channel swimmers and marathon swimmers finish their swims. The drama and joy that are rolled up as they finally swim to shore are some of the greatest things in the sport of open water swimming,” observed Steven Munatones.

But sometimes it is hard to find or anticipated exactly where their finish will be due to currents, tides, winds, darkness or simple unfamiliarity or remoteness of the terrain.

GPS coordinates are, of course, precise, but a bit inconvenient. Chris Sheldrick has perhaps come up with the most convenient and possibly useful address system for any place on Planet Earth. Also listen to his introduction of what3words below.

Sheldrick and his team have divided the entire planet into three-meter squares that offers a precise address to every possible start, landing, finish, turnaround point that open water swimmers may encounter or find themselves. His talk at a TED conference is fascinating.

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