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Swimming Along The Sea Of Japan

Courtesy of Ine Town Tourisam Association, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan.

In preparation for our 42 km swim across Lake Biwa near Kyoto, Japan, we often traveled to the coastline along the Sea of Japan for training.

One of the places we traveled to was the Norose Coast where we swam in Ine Bay because it closely replicated the conditions of Lake Biwa.

We always enjoyed the ambiance along Ine Bay in Kyoto Prefecture, especially a group of funaya or boat houses. The buildings are built right on the water’s edge where the owners have docks built right into their homes. With the mild tidal flow and lack of sea swells, the owners are relatively protected from the ravages of weather and stormy conditions.

The area is an ideal location for ocean and sea swimmers who can simply walk downstairs and go for a swim with an escort boat alongside. The rough, rock- and cove-strewn coastline also presents dramatically picturesque underwater views while the surface conditions are generally mild.

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