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Swimmers Shake It Out

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Jesica Temple was an entrepreneur at the age of 11. She created an innovative vegetable strainer and filed for a patent – years before she entered high school.

Temple has always been interested in health, fitness and nutrition. She found herself disappointed and discouraged about rigid water bottles that she used in athletic competitions. As a bodybuilder figure competitor, she found that her water bottles didn’t mix her powders well and became smelly when she didn’t wash them out.

Her alternative was to take her powder supplements, pour them into a ziplock bag, shake vigorously, and then drink her hydration fluids with a straw. But she knew there had to be a better way. “I was looking for something more aesthetically pleasing and effectively able to mix powders.”

So in 2010, she came up with the concept of the Shake It Out, an easy-to-mix plastic pouch. She created and experimented with various designs. “Shake It Out mixing pouch uses a proprietary design to enhance the agitation of contents, providing complete dissolution of powders, leaving no clumps of undissolved residue. Its flexibility also allows manual kneading of pouch.”

As her vision was eventually shaped to a concrete product, she moved from California to West Virginia where myriad resources were at her disposal. “The University of West Virginia provided pro bono legal work and we filed for a patent in 2013. There were resources and opportunities in West Virginia that were not available in Southern California,” recalls the young inventor. “We started Shake It Out in 2014.”

And she is now on a roll.

Shake It Out, a flexible plastic pouch for mixing powder supplements, is easy to use for swimmers, whether on pool decks, escort boats, or shorelines. Convenient and effective, the Shake It Out is a cool and simple solution to mixing feeds, especially in turbulent conditions on an escort boat or while shivering on dryland before or after a swim.

Temple explains how to used her various experiences to come up with her product concept. “Most of my work experience has directly concerned food and health, beginning with nearly 10 years in the food industry, and indirectly in figure competition in the sport of bodybuilding in which diet and fitness are an essential part of training. My invention of Shake It Out emerged out of these experiences.

I have always been interested in mechanical inventions. I found myself trying to design and invent devices that would overcome client de-motivation and failure to complete a course of fitness. I understood most persons require vitamins, minerals, and other supplements to meet their nutritional needs or as therapy for nutrition-related disorders. In this context, the difficulties in taking powdered supplements became a significant trigger for many clients to abandon their custom diet and training, jeopardizing their health. I invented Shake It Out to solve one of the problems involved in taking powdered supplements.”

For more information, visit Shake It Out.

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