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Swim Beyond In Wörthersee

Courtesy of Julia Filippova, X-Waters, Wörthersee, Austria.

The Wöhrtersee Swim X-Waters – International Swimming Series is an open water swimming competition on Wörthersee Lake in Austria held on September 15th-16th.

The 3-race event is part of a series of nine open water swimming competitions organized in Russia, Armenia and Austria by X-Waters.

The races include the 3 km Krumpendorf – Klagenfurt Swim, the 9 km Pörtschach – Klagenfurt Swim, and the point-to-point 17 km Velden to Klagenfurt Swim.

“Already more than 150 swimmers from Russia have registered for the 17 km swim from Velden to Klagenfurt on Wörthersee Lake,” says Julia Filippova, manager of X-Waters Europe. “Wörthersee is one of the most famous lakes in Austria with Carinthia as our destination.

This great challenge – the 17 km course from Velden to Klagenfurt – is part of the X-Waters series including the Baikal Swim, the Volga Swim, and the Arctic Swim [see above]. Wöhrtersee offers breathtaking beauty in nature with crystal clear water coming from an Alpine glacier. Swimmers can reach Salzburg, Vienna, Venice, and Munich within three hours.

Each of the races (3 km, 9 km and 17 km) finish at the beach in Klagenfurt, where swimmers and supporters can take part in our expo and post-race party. The courses are marked with large buoys. Our aim is to help people to accomplish extraordinary things and swim across some of the most famous and impressive natural water bodies in rivers, lakes, bays and straits.

Our mission is to create inspiring and ambitious goals, and serve as a source of energy and motivation to change life for the better. This is what X-Waters calls Swim Beyond.

For more information, visit and here.

The event will certainly be very important for Carinthia and Klagenfurt. It will be a real spectacle all around the lake,” said Carinthian Sports Ambassador Erik Demczuk.

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