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Sven Elfferich To Race At The Zollhaus Open In Germany

Sven Elfferich To Race At The Zollhaus Open In Germany

Courtesy of WOWSA, Hermsdorf, Germany.

The Zollhaus Open will be held on February 23rd in Hermsdorf / Erzgebirge in eastern Germany.

Organized by event director Gerrit Curcio, International Ice Swimming Association official Christof Wandratsch, medical officer Sven Sudhoff, and referee Peter Erl, the event offers the Ice Kilometer, 200m freestyle, 50m freestyle, 100m breaststroke, 50m butterfly and the 4 x 50m mixed freestyle relay.

The Ice Kilometer will feature new world record holder Sven Elfferich of the Netherlands who just took down one of the most hallowed standards in the ice swimming world: the previous 1000m freestyle record by Petar Stoychev by over 20 seconds in Freizeitverein Altenwörth, Austria [see here and video below].

Seeding Times for the 1000m Freestyle (Ice Kilometer)
1 Ailén Lascano Micaz (Argentina, 28 years) 18:00
2 Alisa Fatum (Germany, 23) 12:48
3 Christof Wandratsch (Germany, 52) 12:50
4 Lars Mack (Germany, 44) 00:00
5 Maria Stelzer (Germany, 33) 23:00
6 Peggy Henning (Germany, 50) 19:00
7 Sarah Anne Richter (Germany, 41) 15:00
8 Stefan Jung (Germany, 54) 18:00
9 Sven Elfferich (Netherlands, 17) 11:55
10 Ulf Karnikowski (Germany, 33) 00:00

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Sven Elfferich‘s world record Ice Kilometer in 3.6°C water and 8°C air in Altenwörth, Austria in 11 minutes 55.40 seconds

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