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Sven Elfferich Sets Ice Kilometer World Record In Austria – Weltrekord im Eisschwimmen in Österreich

Sven Elfferich Sets Ice Kilometer World Record In Austria – Weltrekord im Eisschwimmen in Österreich

Courtesy of Josef Köberl, Ice Swimming Association Austria, Freizeitverein Altenwörth, Austria.

17-year-old Sven Elfferich from the Netherlands set a new world record in the Ice Kilometer in 3.6°C water and 8°C air in Altenwörth, Austria in 11 minutes 55.40 seconds. His incredible swim broke the existing world record of 4-time Bulgarian Olympian Petar Stoychev of 12 minutes 15.87 seconds.

The Freizeitverein Altenwörth, under the leadership of Richard Werner, organized the Austrian Ice Swimming Championships on February 16th where 60 swimmers from six nations came to Freizeitverein Altenwörth.

On the women’s side, former world champion Julia Wittig from the club Serwus Burghausen set an age-group world record in the 40-44 year division in a blazingly fast time of 13 minutes 19.62 seconds.

Stefan Hetzer, the coach of the club Serwus Burghausen, was very pleased with the strong results of his protégés and praised the Ice Swimming Association Austria and the recreational club for the event. Conny Prasser from Möritzburg / DEU took third place in the world best list in the same class with a new personal record.

Josef Köberl, President of the Ice Swimming Association Austria who won two races himself described the event, “The team of Freizeitverein Altenwörth built a world-class pool of 25 meters with four lanes in a tributary of the Danube River. It is considered to be the fastest ice swimming pool in the world where a world record and other national records were set.

National Ice Kilometer records were set by Philipp Tiefenbrunn, Claudia Müller, Richard Nyary, Chun Kong Mak, and Sven Elfferich. Over the short distances, Tobias Wybierek dominated as well as world champion Julia Wittig and Birgit Bonauer, all three from the German ice swimming metropolis of Burghausen.

Men’s Ice Kilometer Results:
1 Sven Elfferich 11:55:40
2 Richard Nyary 14:46:34
3 Philipp Tiefenbrunn 15:58:06
4 Chun Kong Mak 16:02:88
5 Dezider Pék 16:16:43
6 Alexander Schilder 16:57:53
7 Lorenzo Lapo Sarfatti 17:59:15
8 Josef Köberl 18:58:94
9 Rene Wolber 20:34:21
10 David Haslauer 20:44:84
11 Johannes Kapeller 21:37:37
12 Gerald Schmidt 24:03:47
13 Thomas Schwald 28:18:81

Women’s Ice Kilometer Results:
1 Julia Wittig 13:19:62
2 Conny Prasser 16:08:94
3 Claudia Müller 17:21:72
4 Eva Hergel 19:34:40

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