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Stroke After Stroke, Mile After Mile In The Pacific Ocean

Courtesy of Paul Lecomte, Kuroshio Current, Pacific Ocean.

Ben Lecomte completed his longest stage swim of 9 hours 29 minutes as he is now over 800 nautical miles (over 1,500 km) from his starting point on Japan. He is making good progress in the fast-moving Kuroshio Current in the Pacific Ocean.

He still has a long way to go with his 8,721 km transoceanic stage swim, but crew manager Paul Lecomte reported, “All good on Seeker. Perfect conditions for the past three days. The current is finally pushing us east, we keep our fingers crossed for the following days.”

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His live tracker is here for the 5,419-mile (8,721 km) transoceanic assisted stage swim between Japan and California that started on June 5th where he is expected to finish sometime in February – April 2019.

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