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Slots Still Open For the World 10-Mile Championships

Phil White and Beth Barnes are revving up for the inaugural World 10-Mile Championships in Vermont.

“Our mighty fleet of volunteer patrol boats have all re-enlisted for another adventure,” explains White. “We have now matched swimmers with volunteer yackers with Prouty Beach’s Swimmer and Yacker Tent City is nearing capacity.”

The deadline to enter the WOWSA World 10-Mile Championships is June 1st.

The logistics of putting on a swim of this magnitude are daunting,” said White who has always welcomed the opportunity to be creative and witty while serving his local community.

We devote the time from June 1st to July 6th to running the very best, the very safest, and the most joyous swim we can. It is a community celebration. We are still looking for a few more volunteer yackers. Don’t miss your ticket to Mighty Memphremagog.”

The WOWSA World 10-Mile Championships have an additional goal other than to provide a world-class open water swimming event. “This year, IROC, our wonderful, community recreational center, with its Healthy Changes Initiative for people with chronic conditions went through foreclosure. The IROC is locked up and dark. But a serious effort is underway to buy it back. The growing success of the summer games has been and remains one of the keys to sustainability if the facility is re-purchased and run as a rec center. We are committed to showing potential investors that we can continue to help support operations of our rec center in the future — if we can buy it back from the bank.”

The Northeast Kingdom of Vermont is the most beautiful area of Vermont, but it is also plagued by high levels of unemployment, poverty, obesity, diabetes, smoking, and heart disease. “Our rec center had some great programs that addressed these issues,” continues White, the co-founder of NEKOWSA (Northeast Kingdom Open Water Swimming Association). “A vibrant summer series of running, biking, swimming, and kayaking can support some great causes in this area. Your support can demonstrate to prospective buyers that a rec center is financially viable and sustainable. We have some great high pledge prizes: a Cobra kayak, an Alcatraz Island swim entry, and a free slot in Ned Denison’s Cork Distance Week.”

The home-grown, grassroots aquatic initiative has grown from a concept to one day of open water swimming to 11 days of activities, including the inaugural WOWSA World 10-Mile Championships. “It is our honor to open our lakes to a great group of swimmers.”

Photo of Lake Memphremagog by Dr. Jim Miller.

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