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Searching For Swimming Stories

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Leslie Herman [shown below] is a creative producer, a writer, and a swimmer from Cardiff, UK.

She is currently creating a trilogy of fiction films about swimming. The adventure drama movies are oriented around swimming. “The principle story lines are established, but all good films are supported by layers of secondary and tertiary story lines.”

After attending an open water swim last year, she realized the abundance of potential human interest stories that swimmers offer. And now she is searching for swim stories to share.

I’ve come to the front line to explore whether stories [of swimmers] could be developed to become the secondary story lines to support the adventure. Stories of the swimmers could be developed as documentaries which are also being developed as part of the project.”

Herman is looking to delve into a particular activity or event; an adventure or incident; a person or a group of people, either real or imagined. Interested swimmers can send a synopsis in 50 – 250 words directly to Herman at with the subject heading as SWIM STORY.

Be sure to describe who the story is about (you, someone you know, someone you’ve heard or read about), what kind of story it is (factual, fiction, dream sequence), a brief description including where and when the story takes place, and why it should be included. Any supporting images or documents should be limited to 2 attachments. The deadline is March 15th.”

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