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Save The Bay Succeeds For The 47th Year

Over 200 swimmers participated in the 47th 2-mile Save The Bay event held across Narragansett Bay in Rhode Island yesterday.

Despite a delayed start due to thunderstorms, the swimmers were able to compete and raise money for the Save The Bay’s mission to protect and improve Narragansett Bay through supporting ongoing advocacy, habitat restoration, and education efforts. 

Former Save The Day Executive Director Jonathan Stone said, “The Swim gives all of us the perfect opportunity to exercise our right to a clean and healthy Narragansett Bay.” Save The Bay Interim Executive Director Topher Hamblett. “And—as swimmers, staff and volunteers come together to make this event possible—it also serves as a reminder that saving the Bay is a community effort that requires participation from all of us.”

Ron Gillooly, Phyllis Syres, and Michael Powers have participated in 30 editions. Berndt Anderson, John Thompson, and Patrick Mahoney have participated in 25 editions. Kenneth Mancini Sr., Lorena Pugh, Ann Walsh, and Philip Weinstein have participated in 20 editions. Stuart Cromarty, Susan Hannel, James Knowles, Ryan McGowan, and David Splain have participated in 15 editions. Allen Corcoran, Steve Irza, Beatrix Lavigueur, Sarah Lee, Melissa McGrath, Ted Mundy, Timothy Nace, Dennis Quelch, and Austin Whitman have participated in 10 editions. Olympian Elizabeth Beisel, Corey Bocach, Laura Brannigan, Thomas Casey, Gordon Fletcher, Brian Franco, Jeff LoGioco, Jim Lynch, Thomas Moran, Tim Shope, George W. Shuster, Jr., Thomas Sullivan, and Michael Wischnowsky have participated in 5 editions.

People interested in donating to the 2023 Swim or participating in the Save The Bay Open are encouraged to visit Save The Bay Open is an alternative event that offers athletes of all disciplines the opportunity to choose their own physical challenge to complete their way, on their own time whether it is kayaking, biking, running, or other activities.

For more information, contact Leanne Danielsen at 

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