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Ruffini Rolls To A Series Victory

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

The global tour of the FINA/HOSA 10K Marathon Swimming World Cup culminated in Hong Kong, the hometown of Ronnie Wong, the long-time FINA Technical Open Water Swimming Committee chairman.

There was a tense, interesting race-within-a-race at the Hong Kong 10 km marathon swim.

Simone Ruffini of Italy was in a tight mano-a-mano battle with Germany’s Andreas Waschburger for the overall series title.

Coming into Hong Kong, Waschburger, a 2012 Olympian who finished eighth in London, held a 2-point lead over his Italian rival, a 2016 Olympian who finished sixth in Rio. Both men held a comfortable series lead over third-place Chip Peterson of the USA and the rest of the field.

The two were clearly aware of each other, but it ended up Ruffini dominating the race with a 13-second victory to win the overall circuit title. Peterson came in second as he led the five-man chase pack that included Waschburger.

I swam well,” summed up Ruffini. “I found in the second lap I was feeling good in the water. So in the last 1 km, I swam very easy and quite fast. With my coach, I had worked out to go very easy for the first 9 km and the last to push my body very hard and go over the top.”

Final Results:
1 Simone Ruffini (ITA) 2:10:15.80
2 Charles Peterson (USA) 2:10:29.10
3 Rob Frederik Muffels (GER) 2:10:29.30
4 Allan Lopes Mamedio Do Carmo (BRA) 2:10:29.30
5 Diogo Andrade Villarinho (BRA) 2:10:29.40
6 Andreas Waschburger (GER) 2:10:30.30
7 Marcel Schouten (NED) 2:10:46.10
8 Vitaliy Khudyakov (KAZ) 2:10:46.30
9 Simon Kurt Huitenga (AUS) 2:11:37.20
10 Mark Papp (HUN) 2:11:43.90
11 Brendan Casey (USA) 2:11:54.80
12 Yuuya Kataoka (JPN) 2:11:55.80
13 Evgenij Pop Acev (MKD) 2:11:58.10
14 Shai Toledano (ISR) 2:12:06.80
15 Soon Choy Kevin Yeap (MAS) 2:12:09.60
16 Jingwei Weng (CHN) 2:12:26.00
17 Joaquin Alejandro Moreno Munoz (ARG) 2:13:08.80
18 Yohsuke Miyamoto (JPN) 2:13:56.30
19 Lidou Han (CHN) 2:15:58.20
20 Xinjie Ji (CHN) 2:17:10.30
21 Cheng-chi Cho (TPE) 2:17:14.20
22 Rudolf Floris Visser (RSA) 2:18:15.10
23 Kosuke Mimura (JPN) 2:19:09.20
24 Riku Kuwazoe (JPN) 2:19:43.10
25 Ho Yin Kwan (HKG) 2:20:36.60
26 Jo Miyazawa (JPN) 2:23:40.70
27 Damien Cattin-Vidal (FRA) 2:25:53.80
28 San Ching Wong (HKG) 2:26:20.70
29 Tsz Fung Tse (HKG)
30 Che-yu Hsu (TPE) 2:30:09.50
31 Singha Chau (HKG) 2:30:36.40
32 Chung Kiu Yau (HKG) 2:36:05.80
33 Ho Yat Winson Lee (HKG) 2:38:10.30
34 Chun Hin Hui (HKG) 2:39:48.10
35 Tsz Ho Tsang (HKG) 2:40:12.00
36 Tsz Hin Chan (HKG) 2:45:34.70
DSQ Ruoyu Wang (CHN)
DNF Santiago Paul Enderica Salgado (ECU)

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