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Robert Vasiliu Becomes Iron Iceman

Robert Vasiliu is a 49-year-old Romanian extreme athlete from Bucov.

Vasiliu completed an Ice Mile on 12 March 2022 in 4.13°C water in 36 minutes 24 seconds at the Daimon Club & Spa in Bucharest, Romania.  His Ice Mile was observed by Bogdan Ionita and witnessed by Dragos Ionescu. He also completed in the Ice Kilometer at the 5th IISA World Championship in Samoëns, France in January 2023 in 21:09.24 in 3.70°C water.

Vasiliu became an Iron Iceman when he completed an Ironman Triathlon at the Xman Romania Ironman in Oradea, Romania in June 2023 in 14 hours 0 minutes 3.35 seconds.

Paul Georgescu, founder of the Ice Swimming & Open Water Romania Association and the Romanian Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming, said, “I named his mile THE PEACE MILE and everybody wore a white t-shirt.  The water temperature was 4.1°C and air temperature was 4°C.  The official observers were myself and Bogdan Mihai Ionita.

In addition to the Romanian national ice swimming team that captured 10 medals (2 gold, 4 silver, 4 bronze) at the IISA 4th World Championships in Głogów, Poland, this performance of Robert is another dream come true for me.”

The event took part in the same pool where Georgescu did his own Ice Mile in 2019, the Daimon Pool.

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