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Rich On A Roll

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Basically you have a love affair with that task and you find yourself in it: it’s meditation. And that’s what water, ever since I was a kid, was for me…it was always a matter of trying to see how deep my relationship could be with the water,” said Aaron Peirsol to Rich Roll in a podcast.

Roll is a 53-year-old American endurance athlete and swimmer who produces a popular wellness and plant-based nutrition podcast. With over 45 million downloads, Roll is one of the world’s most highly acclaimed podcasters and has shared much of his passion and given interviews with many aquatic adventurers and swimmers including:

EPISODE 406 with Wim Hof: The Iceman Cometh: Wim Hof Of ELevating Consciousness & Amplifying Human Potential

EPISODE 231 with Wim Hof: “The Iceman” Win Hof On Why Breath Is Life, Cold Is God & Feeling Is Understanding

EPISODE 362 with Michael Klim: Michael Klim Is An Olympic Swimming Legend

EPISODE 309 with Chris Hauth: Patience Is Everything: Coach’s Corner With Chris Hauth & Caroline Burckle

EPISODE 279 with Conor Dwyer: Conor Dwyer: An Olympic Gold Medalist On Why Hard Work Beats Talent That That Doesn’t Work Hard

EPISODE 275 with Kimberley Chambers: Kimberley Chambers Swims With Sharks: The World’s Greatest Female Marathon Swimmer On Turning Adversity To Advantage

EPISODE 237 with Anthony Ervin: The Rebel Olympian On Chasing Water, Finding Meaning In Gold & The Search For Authenticity

EPISODE 218 with Adam Skolnick: Adam Skolnick’s One Breath: The Spiritual Allure Of Freediving Through The Life & Death Of Nick Mevoli, America’s Greatest Talent

EPISODE 194 with Aaron Peirsol: Olympian Aaron Peirsol’s Love Affair With Water

EPISODE 89: with Rebecca Soni: Olympic Champion Rebecca Soni Path To Olympic Gold – Mind Over Matter (Part 2)

EPISODE 88 with Olympic Champion Rebecca Soni: The Mental Aspects Of Peak Athletic Performance (Part 1)

EPISODE 49 with Australian National Champion Freediver Tanc Sade: Holding Your Breath For 7 Minutes & Swimming 218 Meters Without Coming Up For Air

EPISODE 10 with Olympian Garrett Weber-Gale: Swimmer Garrett Weber-Gale On Olympic Gold, Healing High Blood Pressure & Haute Cuisine

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