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Prabhat Koli: 5 Down, 2 To Go For The Oceans Seven

Courtesy of Sal Minty-Gravett MBE, North Channel between Northern Ireland and Scotland.

Prabhat Koli became the youngest individual to cross the North Channel from Northern Ireland to Scotland.

Koli described his 5th channel success en route to his Oceans Seven challenge, “The North Channel [is] done and ticked off the list. This was surely the hardest swim I have done ever. Today water was about 12°C – 15°C with loads of jellyfish that I somehow managed to dodge some of them, but still got many stings.

The weather was initially cloudy, but was warmer at the end. So as usual the final bit was hard and I was lucky to have Kieron Palframan to finish at the same place. It was really happy, but a little emotional at finishing! I was almost [in] tears.”

He expressed his gratitude to coach Sal Minty-Gravett MBE and his escort crew on board including pilot Quinton Nelson with observer as Graeme Graham Moore as well as the Jersey Long Distance Swimming Club and the Chunky Dunkers in Donaghadee for their support and encouragement.

Minty-Gravett talked about the 19-year-old, “He is going to attempt the Strait of Gibraltar next April and the Cook Strait in 2020 [to complete the Oceans Seven]. Plus, he is already talking about doing triathlons and Ironman events.

He finished ahead of Kieron Palframan and then waited for him in the water. Then he climbed onto the rocks with him for finish photographs. He was not even cold.”

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