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Phillip Luebke Wins Montana’s Flathead Lake Swim 10K

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

The Flathead Lake Swim Series consists of a 5 km swim on Friday night, a 10 km Flathead Lake Swim on Saturday morning, a 0.5-mile and a 1-mile swim held on Sunday morning in July at the Big Arm State Park in Montana.

Neoprene and bioprene competitors participated in the 4-race charity event that donated 100% of its proceeds to the Enduring Waves Foundation. The Enduring Waves Foundation assists children in Montana financially with their medical expenses.

Flathead Lake Swim Series 10 km marathon swim (bioprene results):
1. Phillip Luebke 2:36:11.8
2. Pat Lee 2:39:09.6
3. Shawn Pinder 2:42:12.5
4. Mark Johnston 2:42:40.7
5. Tia Shimada 3:06:18.2
6. Emily Von Jentzen 3:20:09.3
7. David Atherton 4:35:25.3

Flathead Lake Swim Series 10 km marathon swim (neoprene results):
1. Mathew Wintzer 2:32:25.2
2. George Halow 2:50:14.8
3. Cyane Anaya 2:53:22.9
4. Michael Hamm 2:53:33.3
5. Sara Thane 2:55:29.9
6. Amy Mack 2:56:59.3
7. Lana Lawrence 3:00:42.0
8. William Craig 3:04:43.8
9. Carrie Jacobs 3:07:16.2
10. Michael Guthrie 3:54:48.3

The top male and female with the best overall combined time for all four events were deemed the Flathead Lake Monster. Race director Emily Von Jentzen reports, “We had chilly water this year so while we had over a dozen complete all four races, only four of us went no wetsuit. Only those competing without a wetsuit were eligible for the Flathead Lake Monster overall competition.”

Shawn Pinder from Canada won for the men and Von Jentzen won the women’s division.

Cumulative Times for the Flathead Lake Monster:
1. Shawn Pinder 4 hours 29 minutes 23.2 seconds
2. Phillip Luebke: 4 hours 33 minutes 3.93 seconds
3. Mark Johnston: 4 hours 38 minutes 6.02 seconds
4. Emily Von Jentzen: 5 hours 48 minutes 4.93 seconds

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