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Peter Hancock Becomes Iron Iceman

Back in September 2022, Peter Hancock from Armidale, Australia completed an Ice Mile in Thredbo Pondage, Thredbo, Australia in 3.47°C water and 5.00°C air temperature, together with three fellow ice swimmers. “My Ice Mile was held at 1,358 meters in altitude in the NDW Snowy Mountains, completed in 31 minutes 6 seconds while being assisted by Wyatt Song and my Armidale team (Peta Bradley, David Rowe, and Rod Martin are shown below).

We all completed our Ice Miles on that day and the nextwith Peta Bradley in 31:06 in 3.5°C water, 48-year-old David Rowe in 39:40 in 3.27°C water, and Rod Martin in 42:05 in 3.5°C water.

This June, the 48-year-old Hancock competed in the Ironman Cairns in 12 hours 59 minutes (see photo below). Even in his exhausted state, he couldn’t keep out of the water, “The following day, I went scuba diving with my wife on the Great Barrier Reef in 27°C water.

The Cairns Ironman enabled him to become an official Iron Iceman. An Iron Iceman is an individual who has completed both an Ice Mile and a full Ironman triathlon.

Hancock will appear in an upcoming episode of the Marathon Swim Stories podcast with Shannon House and explained his lifestyle in The Stronger Stride Podcast with Sophie Lane and Lydia McKay [listen here] – where he explained swimming 3,000 days in a row.

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