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Petar Stoychev To Face Huge Challenges In Murmansk

Courtesy of WOWSA, Murmansk, Russia.

With the water at 0.6°C (33°F), the man for all seasons – Petar Stoychev – may face his biggest career challenge to date.

The former English Channel world record holder, the 2011 FINA 25 km world champion (in 32°C water), the 4-time Olympic swimmer, the 11-time victor of the Traversée Internationale du lac St-Jean, the 2017 ice swimming world champion and the former Ice Kilometer world record holder will face a tough field – in both the 500m freestyle and Ice Kilometer – over the next few days in the 25m pool of 0.6°C water carved out of Lapland Lake Semenovskoye at the International Ice Swimming Association 3rd World Championship and 1st Ice Swimming Arctic Cup.

Fastest 500m Freestyle Heat
2. Fernandez Gorgojo Mario (40) Spain
3. Stoychev Petar (43) Bulgaria
4. Diego López Dominguez (38) Spain
5. Wandratsch Christof (53) Germany
6. Dorin Georgescu Paul Eugen (41) Romania
7. Pekárek Jaroslav (42) Czech Republic
8. Kubiak Krzysztof (30) Poland

Fastest 1000m Freestyle Heat
1. Dorin Georgescu Paul Eugen (41) Romania
2. Diego López Dominguez (38) Spain
3. Vladislav Sapozhikov (23) Russia
4. Stoychev Petar (43) Bulgaria
5. Wandratsch Christof (53) Germany
6. Hesterman Fergil (26) Netherlands
7. Šlajs Petr (29) Czech Republic
8. Sobirov Albert (41) Russia

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