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Part Two Of The Madswimmer Hi-Lo Challenge

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

The Madswimmer‘s Hi-Lo Challenge is a unique two-part open water swimming challenge.

Last year, Mt. Ojos The Big Swim was Part One, a high-altitude swim on Mt Tres Cruces at 5,909 meters (19,386 feet) [see above].

Part Two will be in the Dead Sea where the Madswimmers will swim in the lowest open water swim possible, from Jordan to Israel.

For Part Two, the Madswimmers will train at the Sea Point Swimming Pool in Cape Town, South Africa on June 12th at 9am. “Briefly, the training session on Sunday will mark the launch of the second swim in the Madswimmer Hi-Lo Series. The aim of training is to train with the special swimming masks required for the challenge – and to learn the technique used to swim in the extreme salty water,” said Jean Craven, founder of the Madswimmers.

The team will undergo intensive training with worldwide hydrotherapy expert, Ori Sela, who will be travelling to South Africa from Israel for this session. Ori is the founder and owner of Water World and WEST swimming technique.”

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