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Openwaterpedia From A To Z, An Open Water Dictionary

Openwaterpedia From A To Z, An Open Water Dictionary

Photo courtesy of Martin Goodman railroading while swimming to Robben Island from 3 Anchor Bay in South Africa with Roger Finch and Theodore Yach by Derrick Frazer. Openwaterpedia courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

In Openwaterpedia, there are currently 3,068 open water swimming terms listed among the 64,216 pages in the aquatic wiki media. These terms includes the words, phrases, acronyms, definitions, etymologies, synonyms and examples in English used in the sport of open water swimming.

From AKOWS to Zodiac, the open water swimming dictionary includes widely used words to eclectic phrases used during competitions and training, both in pool and open bodies of water.

Some of the less known words include:

* 24-hour club
* After Drop
* Alpha flag
* Ankle slappers
* Anticipatory Thermogeneses
* Aquapreneur
* Aulea
* Avantouinti
* Barraesque
* Be Kind to Your Yacker Week
* Beat the Primes
* Beaufort Wind Force Scale
* Bio-swim
* Biodegradable sunscreen
* Bioluminescence
* Bioprene
* Body Brain Confusion Swim
* Brain freeze
* Breakaway
* Buoyancy training
* Cap tan
* Carbon-neutral Relay
* Carbon-neutral swim
* Channel fat
* Combative swimming
* Cowabunga
* Crazy Eight
* Criterium Race
* Crocodile
* Cross-over Move
* Cryophobia
* Deck-changing
* Deck-up
* Dinoflagellate
* Distance Tolerance
* Dolphining
* Eco Swim
* Edge Effect
* Epiphany swimming
* Grommet
* Gulp and go
* High-altitude swimmer
* Holy Grail of Swimming
* Ice Ironman
* June Gloom
* Katabatic wind
* Kobori ryu
* Piloerection
* Raccoon eyes
* Railroading
* Salt and sand workout
* Shark-encountable
* Swimcest
* Splash mob
* Suijutsu
* Walkerized
* Witching hour
* Yacker

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