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Open Water Swimming With Fungi

Courtesy of Nuala Moore, Dingle, Co Kerry, Ireland.

Nuala Moore grew up swimming and continues to train in Slaidin. “Since 1982, this dolphin has swum with us all the time, but we have our faces in the water and remain focused with earplugs in so usually we go about our business during the majority of our swims.

Over the last few weeks, I needed to take a break from training so I decided to lift my head and take my camera more and more with me and just enjoy the presence of Fungi, the dolphin.

Fungi has lived here for 36 years. Even in the winter when I train, it is always so beautiful to watch him with the boats. When I am getting dressed or when I am training on my own, I know he is there somewhere looking at me.

He is a wild dolphin who is living the dream: having his belly rubs and his food delivered as boats pass by to the pier.”

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