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Open Water Swimming In The South Of Brazil

Courtesy of Alice Correa Ferlin, State of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.

With the arrival of the Southern Hemisphere summer, open water events in the south of Brazil starting up.

On November 22nd, Itapuã Park will be the site of 100m, 1.5 km and 4 km races in the Guaiba Lagoon located in the metropolitan area of the city of Port Alegre.

The event is organized by Mais Travessias,” explains Alice Correa Ferlin. “We will hold 3 competitions including a 100m New Generation race for kids, a 1.5 km Sprint, and the 4 km Pombas Island Challenge.

Mais Travessias (roughly translated as More Open Water Swimming) is a project aiming to stimulate athletes and open water swimmer to participate in the Mercosul circuit and to help develop the sport in the State of Rio Grande do Sul. It is an independent initiative for the benefit of swimming schools and local clubs.

One of the key objectives of Mais Travessias is to make swimming fun and bring together open water swimming enthusiasts in a friendly atmosphere. The initiative also brings to light the need to preserve water and keep water bodies clean specially in the urban areas. For those that love open water, we need more open water swimming and to preserve nature.”

Remaining Part of the 2015-2016 Mais Travessias Race Calendar (Mais Travessias 6ª Temporada 2015/16)

November 14th – training swims for Mais Travessias
November 22nd – Mais Travessias: 100m, 1.5 km, 4 km
November 28th – 16ª Travessia Inter. Bombinhas 3rd Stage
November 29th – Travessia Revezamento 8 km Bombinhas
December 5th – training swims for Mais Travessias
December 13th – training swims Mais Travessias: 100m, 2 km, 5 km
January 30th – 1ª Travessia Poa – 4th Stage
January 31st – Relay Event
March 5th – 2ª Travessia Sul – 6th Stage
March 6th – Desafio 10 km
April 2nd – 3ª Travessia da Pinheira – 7th Stage
April 3rd – 4º Desafio Multi Distancias Rio da Guarda do Embau

Photo of the Guaiba Lagoon by Alice Ferlin.

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