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Open Water Swimmers For Endurance Research Survey

Courtesy of Paul Anstiss, Endurance Research Group, University of Kent.

Paul Anstiss is a Sport Psychology Ph.D. researcher at the University of Kent in the United Kingdom who is part of the Endurance Research Group.

The focus of Anstiss’ research is to investigate psychological factors such as self-belief and confidence in endurance sport with a focus on developing and implementing interventions to help aid endurance athletes.

“I’m currently looking for marathon swimmers and endurance swimmers to complete an online survey. To take part in the survey participants need to be over 18, training for an upcoming event or competition, have completed at least two events previously, and be currently training at least two times a week.

The survey itself should take between 15-20 minutes to complete [see survey link here]. This survey has received full ethical approval.

The goal of the survey is to help improve our knowledge and understanding of how psychological factors relate to endurance performance and what we can do to help aid endurance athletes enjoyment and performance. Currently, long distance swimmers are currently underrepresented in the survey responses. By increasing the response rate of swimmers, it makes it more likely that our findings will be generalisable.”

Dr. Anstiss will provide a summary of results to participants who are interested. To ask questions, contact Endurance Research Group.

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