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Oceanman Culminates Its World Championships In Dubai

Courtesy of WOWSA, Jumeirah Beach, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Jose Luis Larrosa Chorro, a Spaniard living in Malaysia, is not only a competitive marathon swim and popular coach, but is also a race director for short swims marathon events and the Global Manager for the Oceanman circuit.

His responsibilities include managing Oceanman races in Malaysia, Spain, Russia, Italy, Greece, Mexico, Switzerland, Ukraine, Thailand, and the United Arab Emirates.

The last Oceanman event was held in Krabi, Thailand before the 2018 Oceanman World Championships that will culminate the Oceanman circuit.

The championships are held on Jumeirah Beach in Dubai, United Arab Emirates on November 16th with the following races:

* 10.5 km Oceanman World Championship
* 10.5 km Oceanman Open
* 5 km Half Oceanman World Championship
* 5 km Half Oceanman Open
* 1.5 km Oceanman Sprint

For more information on the Oceanman World Championships, visit here.

The 2018 Oceanman Circuit included the following events:

* Oceanman Langkawi, Malaysia on December 30th
* Oceanman Tabarca, Spain on May 6th
* Oceanman Sochi, Russia on May 20th
* Oceanman Lake Orta, Italy on June 23rd
* Oceanman Oitylo Bay, Greece on July 1st
* Oceanman Moscow, Russia on July 15th
* Oceanman Cozumel, Mexico on August 5th
* Oceanman Lac Leman, Switzerland on September 2nd
* Oceanman Odessa, Ukraine on September 8th – 9th
* Oceanman Valencia, Spain on September 23rd
* Oceanman Benidorm, Spain on October 20th – 21st
* Oceanman Krabi, Thailand on October 13th – 14th
* Oceanman World Championship on November 16th

Oceanman Krabi 10 km Top 3:
1. Rupert Tan (Malaysia) 2:23:14
2. Daniel Allen (Great Britain) 2:59:34
3. Nguyen Ngoc Bao (Vietnam) 3:01:25

Half Oceanman Krabi 10 km Top 3:
1. Marco Boldrini (Italy) 1:12:06
2. Huy Trinh (Vietnam) 1:14:22
3. Chin Keong Choo (Malaysia) 1:19:31

Sprint Oceanman Krabi 1.5 km Top 3:
1. Yuki Shibuya (Japan) 24:52
2. Josep Sole Rebullida (Spain) 29:23
3. Sharil Ariffin (Malaysia) 29:39

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