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North Shore Swimmers, Pod With A Difference

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

The North Shore Swimming Club is a 75-member pod of athletes who train on the North Shore of Lake Erie in Canada.

The club with a strong tradition of developing open water swimmers that go the distance,” explains member Josh Reid. “Our members range from competitive swimmers and triathletes to social swimmers who enjoy swimming in relative safety with like-minded people. The team provides a positive environment and an opportunity for people to learn, to enjoy and to compete with an eye toward long term results.”

Our program has a strong long-term focus and aims to retain swimmers who have a passion for swimming. We encourage and embrace all levels of swimmers, and provide them with the tools and opportunity to achieve any goal they may set.

Established in 2008 by Scot Brockbank, Wayne Boswell, John Rolfe, and Chris Peters, the North Shore Swimmers focus on sharing their love of the sport. “With 75 current members, North Shore Swimming Club has a unique progression system providing ongoing success in both skill and performance.”

During the summer, the club run 3 open water swimming sessions per week. “The start and end dates are determined by the water temperature of the lake. If you are new to open water swimming, we run a series of introduction to open water swimming sessions throughout the summer to help swimmers make the transition from the the pool to the Lake.”

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