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Niko Kluyver, André Nottelman Complete Curaçao Crossing

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Niko Kluyver and André Nottelman completed the first crossing between Klein Curaçao and Santa Barbara Beach on Curaçao in a 26.1 km tandem swim.

We had excellent assistance from the Dutch Koprs Mariniers (Marines) who provided a boat and pilots. We also had the benefit to have Gladwin de Lanoi as the observer.

We had decent conditions, and no incidents. It was a rather relaxed completion effort, not a race, which can be seen from the total time we allowed ourselves to get there. The importance is that we set the stage for others to follow. Official open water swimming using the official rules is new here in Curacao, but the potential is very good. We hope more events will follow from this effort.”

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