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Memories From Murmansk

Courtesy of Colin Hill, Murmansk, Russia.

FINA delegate Colin Hill not only finished second overall in the men’s 500m freestyle at the International Ice Swimming Association 3rd World Championship and Ice Swimming Arctic Cup [see video below], but he also promoted and videotaped all kinds of scenes and swimmers in Murmansk, Russia last week.

I’ve mixed a few races together to make up this video as I wanted to show a race from start to finish to try and capture the excitement and experience,” Hill explained from the 2019 International Ice Swimming Association championships.

500m Freestyle Top 10 Male Results
1. Paul Eugen Dorin Georgescu (41) Romania 6:07:22
2. Colin Hill (49) Great Britain 6:47.83
3. Stefan Runge (52) Germany 6:47:84
4. Pavel Bainov (33) Russia 6:48.67
5. Mario Fernandez Gorgojo (40) Spain 6:50:47
6. Kubiak Krzysztof (30) Poland 7:02.38
7. López Diego (38) Spain 7:03.84
8. Biankowski Piotr (44) Poland 7:03.94
9. Akulov Denis (48) Russia 7:38.11
10. Jakub Valnicek (49) Czech Republic 7:41:34

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