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Matías Ola And Lucas Rivet Are Not Sitting Still

Matías Ola And Lucas Rivet Are Not Sitting Still

Courtesy of Matías Ola, Swim Argentina.

If there is anyone in the open water swimming world who is not sitting still, it is Matías Ola of Swim Argentina.

From ice swimming to marathon swimming, Ola is generating media attention, inspiring swimmers and supporting all kinds of open water swimming initiatives in Argentina and elsewhere. For more information about his efforts, visit here.

On March 3rd, 10 swimmers from Argentina and Uruguay came together to commemorate 100 years of history of crossing the Río de la Plata between Argentina and Uruguay in 13 hours 14 minutes.

The challenge in this particular stretch of water began on February 19th 1919 when International Marathon Swimming Hall of Famer Enrique Tiraboschi made the first attempt to swim from coast-to-coast between Argentina and Uruguay.

The Asociación Cruce a Nado Río de la Plata, managed by Lucas Rivet, and Swim Argentina coordinated the relay success of Lucas Rivet, Pablo Cosso, Adriano Motta, Marcial Carnevali, Genaro Carnevali, Julieta O’Connor, Ignacio Scott, Carlos Kmetiuk, Andres Sellei, Gaston Faccio, Carlos Kmetiuk and German Pezzenati together with kayakers Jorge Oscar Pachame and Brian Rodrigo Pachame across the Río de la Plata between Argentina and Uruguay to
to commemorate the centenary of the iconic marathon swimming challenge.

The swimmers crossed the 42 km river course in 13 hours 14 minutes supported by the Uruguayan and Argentine naval forces along with the Argentine Red Cross, physicians, and safety personnel to overcome the strong winds and adverse weather in crossing the world’s widest river.

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