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Lynne Cox Featured In FISHPEOPLE

Courtesy of Keith Malloy.

Lynne Cox is featured in the documentary film FISHPEOPLE by Keith Malloy along with surfer and youth worker Eddie Donnellan, surfer and fisherman Matahi Drollet, photographer Ray Collins, spearfisher Kimi Werner, and surfer Dave Rastovich.

FISHPEOPLE tells the stories of a unique cast of characters who have dedicated their lives to the sea and can be viewed in the following locations for free:

* April 25th in Patagonia Vancouver [see here]
* April 26th in Patagonia Portland [see here]
* April 27th in Patagonia Denver [see here]
* May 2nd in Patagonia Austin [see here]
* May 3rd in Patagonia Boston [see here]
* May 4th in Patagonia Bowery in New York City [see here]

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