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Love Your Lakes

Everyone loves lakes, but they need help.

Amy McLoughlin, Sustainable Tourism Adviser of Nuture Lakeland, explains about the Love Your Lakes campaign.

Our campaign is based in the English Lake District, but the message is transferable. Too much phosphate from laundry and dishwashing detergent is ending up in our lakes causing toxic blue-green algae to grow. This is bad news for wildlife and pets. It’s also bad news for lake users, as it can affect accessibility of the lakes we love.

Luckily, loving the lakes is easy and we can all do our bit to help look after our lakes. There are some simple things that you can do.

You can use phosphate free laundry and dishwashing products when you’re staying around a lake. This will help hold back the tide of phosphates entering the water and help keep our lakes clean, healthy and accessible for us to all enjoy.”

Love Your Lakes is a campaign that is currently focusing its efforts on Britain’s most popular lake, Windermere. Its website provides a list of lake-friendly products.

Phosphate levels have increased along with a decrease in water quality. As the weather gets warmer, blue-green algae becomes a problem. Love Your Lakes is raising awareness about what everyone who lives, works and plays around a lake can do to reduce their environmental impact. “We’re simply promoting the use of phosphate free detergents,” says Amy. “Small change can make a huge positive difference on the lakes we love and keep them clean and accessible.”

Love Your Lakes Residents video to protect Derwentwater and Bassenthwaite Lake

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