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Lewis Pugh Talks About Drinkable, Fishable, Swimmable Rivers

Lewis Pugh has been on a non-stop media and speaking tour in New York City after his 507 km Hudson Swim. From the United Nations to America’s top television programs, Pugh has been sharing his message far and wide of how critical rivers are to maintain a habitable planet.

Today, Pugh continues living his ikigai when he appeared on stage with Professor Bill Nye at today’s Global Citizen Festival in Central Park in the driving rain.

Pugh said, “We must always be vigilant [about cleaning the Hudson River]. There is still a threat from sewage and chemicals. But I believe the Hudson gives hope to people all over the world, that their rivers can also be saved.

The bottom line is that all our rivers should be drinkable, fishable, and swimmable.

Professor Nye encouraged the mass of supporters to add their names to the open letter at the Global Ciitzens app (see here).

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