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Kickstarting The Final Budget For The Longest Swim

Courtesy of The Longest Swim, Pacific Ocean.

Benoît Lecomte plans to swim across the Pacific Ocean from Tokyo to San Francisco with an overriding goal to better understand and protect the oceans.

The Longest Swim is also the first scientific expedition of its kind, making it possible to collect important data on the state of the Pacific Ocean,” explains the 49-year-old from Austin, Texas.

In order to meet this challenge our team has been working hard for several months and, thanks to several financial partners and in-kind donations, we are reaching a balanced budget. By launching this final crowdfunding campaign, we want to broaden our circle of contributors.

My challenge is not just an athletic one. I also want to raise awareness about the present state of our oceans and the impact of man on the natural environment.

We will participate in several scientific surveys of the Pacific Ocean [with escort boat] Discoverer hosting a variety of sensors and equipment. Radioactivity, marine microplastics, water acidification, the migration of giant phytoplankton [are some of the] projects that will benefit from the data collected during The Longest Swim.”

The fundraising campaign will pay for the food on board to be consumed by Lecomte and his crew.

Funds from the Kickstarter campaign will also pay for the complicated satellite communication system that needs to constantly relay information from the Pacific Ocean.

Our antennas will use a specific network of satellites whose connection costs are very expensive. But this connection is crucial for us to stay in touch with our team back on land, and to keep in touch with [everyone]. It will also allow us to send images and articles directly from the boat, and interact with our followers in real-time after a day of swimming.”

His Kickstarter campaign is here.

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