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Joe Locke Swimming, Come Hell Or High Water

Come hell or high water.

Back in the 19th century, this phrase was first used to describe when cattle crossed rivers even when the rivers are flooding and the summer sun made the prairies unbearably hot. That is, the trail of the cattle went from Texas to Kansas through hell and high water.

As Joseph Locke makes his way towards the Golden Gate Bridge from the Farallones while the sun starts to set in the Pacific Ocean, thing are going well. Will he face hell or high water as he gets closer?

Follow Locke here as he races to the California coastline before an massive wall of water starts to rush at him around 1 am local time. If Locke has not reached California before the tide turns, things will be dicey. Additionally, he is approaching the Potato Patch area, a notorious area of extreme lumpiness.

Photo courtesy of Captain Vito Bialla.

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