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Italian Sweep At Traversée du lac St-Jean

Courtesy of FINA, Lac St-Jean, Québec, Canada.

Three Times A Charm For Edoardo Stochino

The Traversée internationale du lac St-Jean was site of the second race on the 2018 FINA UltraMarathon Swim Series

The renowned 32 km venue of Lac St-Jean from Péribonka to Roberval is always a tough challenge that Italian Edoardo Stochino knows all too well.

After finishing second two years in a row, Stochino was comfortable in the 22.5°C (72.5°F) water. But rain, winds and waves came up in the middle of the lake, slowing the entire pack. Waves tossed the escort boats and swimmers around. “My strategy was to stay throughout the race in front of the peloton to control other swimmers as they accelerated. In the end, I gave all the energy I had, “said the new winner, announcing his intention to return next year.

Longing for the crossing to take place with the thermal suits, the defending champion Guillermo Bertola resigned himself to completing the event by wearing a standard jersey, suffering from the beginning to the end before finishing at the sixth step.

Stochino described the situation, “It was very hard because I’m not a cold water swimmer. I was surprised to finish. I never thought I could finish without a wetsuit. I am very happy,” said Guillermo Bértola from Argentinia who won last year. He was treated for hypothermia, “The waves, the rain and the wind did not help, but it is swimming in open water. Initially, I went very fast, but when you leave too quickly, you will pay. I hope to come back with the wetsuits.”

Although 28-year-old Xavier Desharnais nearly won his third career Traversée in his seventh attempt, he was happy enough to compete as he had a surgery last April to repair a torn labrum. “It’s really a personal victory. I stopped at the finish to collect myself a little because, when you think about it, I had surgery not four months ago and I did not even think that I would do the Traversée.”

Fourth last year, Desharnais wanted to medal this time. “I thought about it during the swim as the other three guys were swimming very well.” After breaking from the pack, he thought he had a good chance of finishing fourth again. “But in the end, I gave it everything I had. The waves were so strong at one point that I thought the organizers were going to stop the race, which has never happened in the history of the crossing.”

Desharnais was complimented the performance of Alexander Studzinski who led the pack dor a good portion of the event before settling for bronze.
Studzinski deserved the victory in my opinion. I am very disappointed for him, he managed to catch up. If he had not been there, I would not have sprinted like I did.”

Male Results:
1. Edoardo Stochino (Italy) 7:10:52.70
2. Xavier Desharnais (Canada) 7:10:53.40
3. Alexander Studzinski (Germany) 7:10:59.00
4. Evgenij Pop Acev (Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia) 7:11:16.10
5. Edouard Lehoux (France) 7:19:21.30
6. Guillermo Bértola (Argentina) 7:21:42.80
7. Chris Deegan (Australia) 7:26:28.30
8. Santiago Enderica (Ecuador) 7:32:13.40
9. Damián Blaum (Argentina) 7:40:49.40
10. Aquiles Balaudo (Argentina) 7:42:46.00
11. Aleksandar Ilievski (Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia) 7:45:24.60
12. Gabriel Pouliot (Canada) 8:03:13.00
13. Joaquin Moreno (Argentina) 8:07:59.30
DNF Luciano Nicolas Segurado (Argentina)
DNF Matheus Emerim Evangelista (Brazil)

Twice As Nice For Barbara Pozzobón

Italy’s Barbara Pozzobón finished second in the Traversée internationale du lac St-Jean last year, but she reversed the tables this year. It was tough.

Canada’s Sabryna Lavoie was challenged by the poor conditions, “It was not like I wanted it. The waves picked me up and made me tired. As a result, I preferred to swim alone rather than swim with the peloton.”

Female Results:
1. Barbara Pozzobon (Italy) 7:35:20.60

2. Morgane Dornic (France) 7:35:39.80
3. Pilar Geijo (Argentina) 7:55:22.00
4. Alice Franco (Italy) 7:59:34.50
5. Sabryna Lavoie (Canada) 8:15:50.90
6. Marie-Laurence Lortie (Canada) 8:38:11.30
7. Rita Vanesa Garcia (Argentina) 8:55:39.80
8. Daira Marin (Argentina) 8:56:17.90
DNF Romina Soledad Imwinkelriel (Argentina)
DNF Cecilia Biagioli (Argentina)
DNF Elena Lionello (Italy)

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