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III Circuito De Travesías A Nado Gijón

The III Circuito de Travesías a nado Gijón 2016 begins in June and continues until Christmas morning.

June 29th: 1.6 km Travesía de San Pedro from Playa de Poniente to Santa Olaya
July 10th: 4 km Travesía Playas de Gijón from Playa de L’Arbeyal to Playa de San Lorenzo
August 6th: 2 km Travesía del Este from El Rinconín to Playa de San Lorenzo
August 12th: 700m Travesía Nocturna de Begoña at Puerto Deportivo de Gijón
September 10th: 5 km Travesía Larga from Playa de Serín to Playa de San Lorenzo
December 25th: 220m Travesía de Navidad at Puerto Deportivo de Gijón

For more information about th series in Asturias, Spain, visit here.

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