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Ice Swim Africa 2013

Because the Fraserburg Dam is dry this year, the Ice swim Africa is moving to the Aquila Game Reserve, an outdoor pool by the game water hole.

The swim will take place in the 35m outdoor pool where the water to expected to be sub-5CºC (41ºF). “The International Ice Swimming Association allows for an ice mile in a pool as long as it is at least 25m long, naturally cooled to sub-5ºC, and swimmers perform no tumble turns. Pushing off the wall is allowed, but no standing or assistance is allowed,” explains Ram Barkai.

Swimming in a pool can have its benefit from safety point of view, but is mentally very difficult for open water swimmers. A mile 1.609km is equal to 46 lengths. We will swim 50 lengths to make it easy to count (1750m).”

Under these conditions, the endurance/qualifying swim will be increased to 700m or 20 lengths. The pool is 1.3m deep and can take 4 swimmers at one time.

Aquila is a beautiful big 5 game reserve less than a 2-hour drive from Cape Town. It offers luxury accommodation at a specially reduced price to all ice swimmers, their family and friends.”

The Game reserve can accommodate a maximum of 100 people, but the organizers have reserved 10 beds. The rates vary by room, but there are reserved special rates of R2000.00 per person (standard room) for a 2-night stay including 3 meals a day and 2 game drives. Children under 12 year pay 50% only and kids under 4 years are free. The rates are 20% discount to the 50% discount winter special. “Swimmers will receive priority when booking accommodations. We have 90 beds left and we will deal with booking on first-come-first-serve basis. There are also family room that sleeps 4 and the rate is at R2320.00 pp for the two nights, which for a family with 2 kids is a bargain.

We also managed to secure some accommodation in La Ganda hotel 5 km away from Aquila. Rates are significantly cheaper with options for meals at good rate. Game drives are not included. For accommodations and reservation, contact

The Ice Africa Event Schedule is as follows:

Friday 12-Jul-2013
· 10 am Arrival and check in
· 11 am registration for Endurance 700m swim
· 12 noon Endurance Swim / Ice Mile Qualifying swim
· 1 pm Mile swimmers and families – arrival, check in
· Late afternoon – Mile swimmers + families game drive
· Friday Evening – announcement of qualifiers, Mile swim briefing, dinner and bed

Saturday 13-Jul-2013

· Mile swims starts at 8 am or earlier if we think water temp will rise above 5ºC
· If water temp is borderline – swimming will commence at 2 am – 4 am
· Non mile swimmers – morning game drive
· 2 pm – Finish all mile swims
· 3 pm – Fun swim (all proceeds to the Rhino funds)
· Children one width – 6m
· Other – one length 35m
· 6 pm award ceremony
· 7:30 pm Dinner, Braai, drinks, singing by the fire place, dancing with wolves

Sunday – 14 Jul-2013
· 8 am breakfast, game drive
· Home at your leisure

There are 20 places for ice mile swimmers, with priority to new swimmers. There are 20 places for endurance swimmers.
Swimmers who wish to swim the endurance on Friday and the mile on Saturday will be at the discretion of the organizers. All Mile swimmers, old and new must go a medical check by Doctor Basil Bonner.

All proceeds of the fun swim and any cash surplus after the event costs will be donated to Project Rhino – for protecting the Rhino in the Game Reserve and Rhino poaching in South Africa.

From the February 1st, 2013, the International Ice Swimming Association has introduced a EUR50.00 application fee for every Ice Swim around the world. This to cover running costs of website, admin, certificates, badges and other expenses. The application fees for Mile swimmers at the Ice Swim Africa 2013 (R650.00) are included in the entry fees.

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