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How Fast Was The Antarctica Ice Kilometer Swim?

Courtesy of Ram Barkai of International Ice Swimming Association in the Southern Ocean near Antarctica.

14 swimmers completed the inaugural Antarctica Ice Kilometer Swim in two stages: in Port Lockroy on November 23rd and in Mikkelsen Bay on November 25th in the Southern Ocean along the Antarctic Peninsula.

Official Antarctica Ice Kilometer Swim Times:
1. Petar Stoychev (Bulgaria) 11:08:39
2. Victoria Mori (Argentina) 12:02:31
3. Diego López Dominguez (Spain) 12:40:90
4. Paolo Chiarino (Italy) 14:15:85
5. Leszek Naziemiec (Poland) 14:42:52
6. Clinton Le Sueur (South Africa) 16:17:29
7. Jean Craven (South Africa) 16:21:99
8. Sergio Salomone (Argentina) 17:01:46
9. Wyatt Song (Australia) 18:21:30
10. Samantha Whelpton (South Africa) 18:38:60
11. Ram Barkai (South Africa) 18:47:22
12. Yunfeng Wang (China) 20:14:21
13. Alexander Brylin (Russia) 20:19:42
14. Andrey Agarkov (Russia) 25:27:27

For more information on each swim, visit here and here.

For additional details of the event, email questions to Ram Barkai (, Jean Craven ( or Nicolene Steynberg (

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