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Hollymax Bell Win The Cross-Channel Swim in Malaysia

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

One of the highlights of the annual Malaysia Water Festival is the Labuan International Sea Challenge, a 5.4 km island-to-island International Cross-Channel Swim in Malaysia.

Sponsored by the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia, the event is held at the Labuan International Sea Sport Complex and established the Largest Participation in Island to Island Swimming Challenge in the Malaysian Sports Book of Record.

157 swimmers, some from as far as France, the Netherlands, Japan, Australia, Spain, South Africa and Brunei, competed with Hollymax Bell won the men’s category, finishing ahead of Spain’s Jose Luis Larrosa Chorro and Melvin Chua Bao Quan of Sarawak in third.

On the women’s side, Freda Awang Pan Chang Ru was first, Marellyn Lammert Liew Yiien Yee finished second with Lo Meng Lai finishing in third.

In the junior division, Cheng Lin An was first, Franklin Clement second and Ian Chin Li Yan third. Among the veterans, Tsuyoshi Sawada of Japan won the men’s category with Serge Mathew Dominichini of France second and Gaap Erik van Krimpen of the Netherlands third.

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