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HITtheWall, Glory Comes From Daring To Begin

Courtesy of Pádraig Mallon, Infinity Channel Swimming and Piloting Services, Carlingford, Ireland.

Pádraig Mallon of Infinity Channel Swimming and Piloting Services announced the registration opening for the annual HITtheWALL, a 3-day open water swimming clinic between May 25th-28th 2018 that offers preparation for swimmers on their physical and mental limits, safety issues, hydration, nutrition, learning, psychological development, distance swimming, water temperature acclimatization and teamwork with like-minded people in seas and lakes.

The offerings include:

*Full Weekend including open water swim, dinner and race
*Full weekend including open water swim and race
*Friday Fire Walk
*Friday night swim only
*Friday all events
*Friday and Saturday open water swims
*Friday, Saturday, Sunday open water swims
*Saturday, Sunday, Monday open water swims
*Saturday, 7.5 km Battle of Carlingford Lough
*Saturday open water swim all events
*Sunday open water swim

For more information, visit here.

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