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Having A Whale Of A Time Across The Atlantic

The more we learn about Jennifer Figge‘s AC4 (Atlantic Crossing 4), the more we are in awe of the logistical, operational, and navigational efforts that went behind her successful stage swim crossing.

And the number of marine life that she came across ranged from tiny Portuguese man o war to whales. Big whales, right in front of her (which her crew photographed, see above).

At the age of 60, she completed a 32-day continuous stage swim across the Atlantic Ocean, starting from Brava Island off the coast of Senegal to Antigua in the Caribbean Sea, swimming a total of 133 hours, covering 265 nautical miles (491 km) while drifting 2,792 miles (4,439 km) over the 32-day period. Her crew consisted of Captain Tamas Hamor, first mate Sara Hajdu, engineer Zoltan Hamor, film maker Zoltan Vad-Horvath, Dr. Ewa Gorszczyk, and onshore specialists Nick Bilinski and Alison Margo.

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