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Great City Splash: Register For Charles River Swim

2012 Olympic marathon swimmer Alex Meyer winning 2018 race

Courtesy of Charles River Swimming Club, race start in the Charles River, Boston, Massachusetts.

Registration opens today for the annual Charles River One Mile Swim in Boston on June 15th.

Founded by Frans Lawaetz from the Virgin Islands and Ulla Hester from Germany, the duo held its first swim in the Charles River in 2007 which was the first sanctioned public swimming event in the river in over 50 years.

The Charles River Swimming Club continued to grow and organize swims in the Charles River while facilitating the return of public river swimming. After decades of pollution, the Charles River has benefited from the ongoing Clean Charles River Initiative, which was started in 1995 to restore the river’s ecological health. Based on the work of many dedicated volunteers and public servants, as well as government agencies and the Boston area community at large, the river has restored itself so it is clean enough on most summer days to meet safe swimming standards.

For good reason, the event is listed as one of the World’s Top 100 River Swims.

Race director Kate Radville announced that the Charles River Swimming Club has partnered with the Charles River Conservancy this year to celebrate Boston’s first Charles River Swimming Day.

The Charles River Conservancy and Charles River Swimming Club organize the City Splash and Charles River One Mile Swim in a popular celebration of river swimming. “People used to swim in the Charles River all of the time,” said CRC Executive Director Laura Jasinski. “We believe it’s important for everyone to have access to a natural place to cool off in the summer.”

2018 Charles River Swim Top 25 Overall Results:
1. Alex Meyer (29) 18:48.5 [shown above]
2. Eric Nilsson (30) 18:55.9
3. Anton McKee (24) 19:46.4
4. Nicholas Thompson (27) 21:42.5
5. Ed Baker (39) 21:54.8
6. Christophe Graefe (44) 22:05.3
7. Len Van Greuning (50) 22:10.5
8. Jessica Stokes (41) 22:10.6 [1st woman]
9. Geoff Fallon (38) 22:25.9
10. Jen Olsen (47) 22:37.6 [2nd woman]
11. Eliza Cummings (23) 22:43.9 [3rd woman]
12. Gail Fricano (44) 22:45.9 [4th woman]
13. Kyle Ripley (27) 23:01.8
14. Alana Aubin (28) 23:04.4 [5th woman]
15. Ben Halperin (28) 23:19.1
16. Kiko Bracker (49) 23:19.9
17. Kathleen Tetreault (56) 23:31.3 [6th woman]
18. Dana Hatic (28) 23:33.9 (7th woman)
19. Richard Puopolo (53) 23:34.3
20. Don Haut (52) 23:37.2
21. Allison Wensley (35) 23:39.6< [8th woman]
22. Michelle Stefandl (24) 23:40.8 [9th woman]
23. Amy Whitesides (45) :23:44.0 [10th woman]
24. Haruka Uchida (22) 23:44.2 [11th woman]
25. John Lacey (51) 23:47.3

For more information, visit here and here.

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