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Grand Cayman Open Water Swim Map

If you enjoy warm water filled with marine life with a clarity and tranquility rarely matched anywhere in the world, the Cayman Islands is one of the world’s greatest locations is enjoy open water swimming.

Marvelous, magical, magnificent.

Between the 3 islands of the country – Grand Cayman, Little Cayman, and Cayman Brace – and along their entire coastlines, there are innumerable unforgettable places to swim.

Under the direction of Peter Mackay (shown on left) and a number of volunteers whose passion is inspiring, the Cayman Islands Amateur Swimming Association actively endorses and encourages residents and visitors to the islands to get involved with open water swimming. It is produced an outstanding Grand Cayman Open Water Swim Map.

The map is a compilation of a selection of open water swimming courses around the Cayman Islands, user-friendly for both residents and visitors alike.

Endorsed by the world’s fastest swimming head of state His Excellency Duncan Taylor, CBE, Governor of the Cayman Islands, the guide includes maps of swims for both newbies and experienced veterans. Useful and informative, the online asset provides information on the best locations, the most appropriate entry and exit points, distances in, the expected sea conditions, and available facilities.

To download the Grand Cayman Swim Map please click here.

Photo of His Excellency Duncan Taylor, CBE, Governor of the Cayman Islands, with Olympic silver medalist Haley Anderson.

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