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Golden Rules Of Open Water Swimming

There are 10 quick golden rules of open water swimming.

These rules seem to apply whether or not the swims are short or long, in cold water or warm, in rough water or calm.

1. The turn buoys and shore never seem to get closer.
2. Goggles fog up and goggle straps break at all the wrong times.
3. Touching the shore at the end of a swim is indescribably joyous.
4. Chafing always is greater in salt water.
5. Expect the unexpected.
6. Food always tastes better after a swim.
7. The waves always feel bigger in the water than they look from shore.
8. Fresh water always feels colder than salt water at the same temperature.
9. Little jellyfish carry big stings.
10. Boat exhaust always stinks.

Upper photo shows Zsofia Balazs, Heather Maitland, and Nadine Williams of Canada. Lower photo shows the start of the Flowers Sea Swim.

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