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Global Swimmer Nears End Of The Continents Seven

Courtesy of Diego López Dominguez, Continents Seven.

Diego López Dominguez is only one swim away from completing his unprecedented Continents Seven challenge. “I aim at being the first swimmer to compete in a major, significant, challenging race in each of the seven continents in a single year – in fact, in 8 months.”

In addition to his Continents Seven swims, López – whose nickname is Global Swimmer – the has a full schedule of 17 swims of a total of 256 km in 10 different countries on 7 continents during calendar year 2018 – including one last 1 km swim in Antarctica scheduled for November 20th.

Continents Seven Schedule:
* January 28th – 10 km Swim for Haiti. in West Province, Haiti – 1st overall
* February 10th – U.S. Winter Swimming Association National Championships in Coney Island, New York, USA – 100m and 200m freestyle in 1°C water, 1st overall
* March 10th – 2.6 km Sand to Surf in Auckland, New Zealand – 3rd overall, OCEANIA
* March 17th – 25 km Port to Pub in Perth, Western Australia) – completed 12 km before race was canceled due to unsafe conditions
* April 14th – 11.3 km Swim Around Lido Key in Sarasota, Florida, USA – 3rd overall
* April 21st – 7.5 km Freedom Swim from Robben Island in Cape Town, South Africa – 5th overall, AFRICA
* April 28th – 10 km SCAR Swim Challenge Stage 4 Roosevelt Lake in Mesa, Arizona – 1st overall
* May 12th – 7.5 km Lake Titicaca in Copacabana, Bolivia) – 1st skins, SOUTH AMERICA
* June 2nd – 5 km 2 Bridges Swim in Poughkeepsie, New York, USA – 2nd overall
* June 16th – 58 km END-WET from North Dakota to Minnesota, USA) – 5th overall
* June 24th – 32 km 8 Bridges Hudson River Swim – Stage 5 Bear Mt. to Tappan Zee in New York, USA – 1st overall
* July 7th – 33.8 km English Channel from Dover, England to Calais, France – 11 hours 4 minutes, EUROPE
* July 22nd – 7.5 km Bosphorus Cross-Continental Swim, Turkey from Asia to Europe – 1 hour 6 minutes
* August 16th – 32.3 km Catalina Channel from Catalina Island, California, USA – 11 hours 12 minutes, NORTH AMERICA
* September 16th – 10.5 km Spuyten Duyvil in New York, New York, USA – 2nd overall
* October 6th – 15 km Clean Half Marathon Swim in Hong Kong – 1st overall, ASIA
* November 20th – International Ice Swimming Association Ice Kilometer Swim event in Antarctica – ANTARCTICA

For more information on the Global Swimmer’s Continents Seven project, visit here.

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