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Ger Has Grit

Courtesy of Ram Barkai, International Ice Swimming Association.

Ger Kennedy is shown above completing another Ice Mile at M Street Beach in Boston, Massachusetts. In addition to mentoring aspiring and accomplished ice swimmers of all ages and abilities, Kennedy has completed 2 Ice Zero Miles, a Polar Ice Mile, the following Ice Miles as well as 3 additional unofficial Ice Miles:

1st: February 2013 in Lough Dan, Co. Wicklow, Ireland in 3.3°C water, 1 mile in 40 minutes
2nd: February 2014 in Lough Dan, Co. Wicklow, Ireland in 3.3°C water, 1.02 miles in 37 minutes 5 seconds
3rd: March 2014 in Lough Dan, Co. Wicklow, Ireland in 3.3°C water, 1.3 miles in 51 minutes 10 seconds
4th: February 2015 in Grand Canal Dock, Dublin City, Ireland in 4.8°C water, 1 mile in 36 minutes 15 seconds
5th: January 2016 in Wild Water Armagh, Ireland in 0.77°C water, 1 mile in 32 minutes 30 seconds
6th: March 2017 in Mikkelvik Brygge, Norway in 2.53°C water, 1.0 mile in 34 minutes 5 seconds
7th: December 2017 in Tyumen, Siberia, Russia in 0.5°C water (with -18.80°C wind chill), 1.25 miles in 43 minutes 10 seconds
8th: January 2018 in Lake Ouiouane, Khenifra, Morocco in 3.77°C water, 1.04 miles in 37 minutes 10 seconds at 1630 meters above sea level
9th: February 2018 in M Street Beach, Boston, USA in 4.77°C water, 1 mile in 32 minutes 15 seconds
10th: March 2018 in Dublin, Ireland in 4.7°C water, 1.1 miles in 34 minutes 13 seconds

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