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Future Of Open Water Swimming – The Young 30

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Eva Fabian

Alex Meyer

Keri-anne Payne

Nick Theders. He has already completed the Seal Beach swim the Maui mile, the Cayman island race, and the Waikiki rough water (11 years old). All with me, and he kicked my butt! He is also signed up to swim Alaska this year.

I passed your email on to Joanne Jones (cc’d), who will be joining our team at Outdoor Swimmer next month. Joanne herself would be a candidate for your list. She’s 26, completed a Channel swim last year in 12hr26, is a swimming teacher and is passionate about open water swimming. I’m sure she can add more details.

Joanne also mentioned Naomi Vides, who swam the Channel last year at the age of 21 in 12 hours. We wondered if she may be the first vegan or first female vegan to cross? Ollie Wilkinson is vegan but I don’t know if he was when he did his Channel swim, and there may be others we don’t know about. Naomi is a very impressive swimmer. I raced her at the Seahorse Swim last summer, a few weeks before her Channel crossing. She was taking it easy but still beat me, along with all but one of the rest of the field, many of which were wearing wetsuits while she of course wasn’t.

She then added Marcus Wadsworth, who is just outside your age category at 32, but has been extremely active in the Channel swimming community for several years, is a Channel swimmer and 2-way Windermere himself and also set up the Channel swimming training group in Bournemouth, where he continues to volunteer most weekends in the summer.

Would you like Joanne to ask the coaches and swimmers in her networks if they can identify any other candidates?

Dylan Kent, forward.

As the VP and COO of The Global Swim Series he is able to help shape the future, and help grow, the sport of open water swimming. As a leader in an organization less than 3 years old and only growing in size, scope and influence, I think Dylan is in a unique position to do a lot for the sport.

We currently have 131 races, in 36 countries and more signing up all the time. We are in talks to expand significantly into China with some key partners which, like all things China related, has the potential to be a real game changer. We are also planning on developing and growing related areas to the sport and races. Given that Dylan is only 26 years old, I think there is all kinds of potential to do affect many different aspects of our sport in a positive way.


Rob Kent

President, Global Swim Series

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