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Fun T-Shirts For Open Water Swimmers

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Front of Shirt: Bioluminescence is swimmer’s glitter

Front of Shirt: I’m Ned’s Favorite

Photo: Ned Denison at Cork Distance Week

Front of Shirt: Good Friends Don’t Let Friends Swim Alone

Photo: Theodore Yach and Avishug Turek with pace swimmers across the Sea of Galilee in Israel

Front of Shirt: Never Forget

Photo: The old-school goggles of Marilyn Bell and Tom Blower

Front of Shirt: Youth and Talent are no match for Experience and Age

Photo: 73-year-old English Channel swimmer Dr. Otto Thaning

Front of Shirt: My Channel Swim, This Is

Photo: Don Riddington, coached by Grant Siedle, crossing the English Channel at the age of 68

Front of Shirt: Home is where there is no wifi

Photo: Pádraig Mallon with Jacqueline Mcclelland

Front of Shirt: Chillax

Photo: Big Chill Swim in Windermere

Front of Shirt: I’m cooler than anyone you know

Photo: Jaimie Monahan in Antarctica’s Paradise Harbour. Photo by Arik Thormahlen.

Front of Shirt: Allergic to Neoprene

Photo: Sarah Thomas with Ryan Willis in Lake Memphremagog

Front of Shirt: Paddle faster, we’re heading downstream

Photo: 20 Bridges Manhattan Island Swim with Capri Djatiasmoro

Front of Shirt: Seemed like a good idea at the time

Photo: Adam Walker and his jellyfish stings after the end of his Molokai Channel crossing

Front of Shirt: Easily distracted by dolphins

Photo: Jim McConica swimming with dolphins during the Ventura Deep Six relay

Front of Shirt: Shhhhh! Can’t you hear the whales?

Photo: Penny Palfrey

Front of Shirt: Relax. We have lots of time

Photo: Chloë McCardel

Front of Shirt: Swimmers have thick skin

Photo: Ram Barkai in Antarctica

Front of Shirt: I hear voices in my head

Photo: Chad Ho

Front of Shirt: Stay in your own lane

Photo: aQuellé Midmar Mile

Front of Shirt: Follow the leader

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