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From Suits To Suits?

Photo courtesy of Kashfi Halford, Global Ocean Commission and Ocean Recovery Alliance with Doug Woodring.

José María Figueres, Co-chair of the Global Ocean Commission and former President of Costa Rica, wore both a dress suit and sunglasses made from plastic waste.

In order to help bring awareness to the harmful effects of plastics on ocean life and highlight innovative uses for plastic waste, President
Figueres showed off his plastic accouterments at the Our Ocean Summit held in Valparaiso, Chile.

The threat of plastics overcoming the marine environment is real. If marine debris caused by mankind remains unchecked, it is estimated that by 2025 there could be as much as 1 kg of plastic for every 3 kg of fish in the world’s oceans.

Doug Woodring of Ocean Recovery Alliance has constantly pushed preventative strategies and innovative solutions to tackle the almost incomprehensible amounts of plastic waste currently flowing from dryland to the ocean.

President Figueres wore a suit made entirely of recycled plastic (about 80 plastic bottles) from a landfill in Asia, made possible by Ocean Recovery Alliance and Waste2Wear. He also wore sunglasses made in Chile from discarded fishing nets and supplied by David Stover of Bureo.

Plastic suits and sunglasses will not solve the plastic waste crisis we are facing, but are a good example of the innovative thinking and drive needed to combat this problem,” he said. “On behalf of the Global Ocean Commission, I am issuing a call to action and a challenge for other innovative ideas that make good economic use of this valuable resource and addresses the pollution of our greatest resource the ocean.”

If Waste2Wear can make men’s suits and school uniform and work clothing, we are hopeful that one day it may make swimsuits.

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